a need to express myself through colour and canvas. to make the world a more colourful place. to capture and share the beauty i see every day around me. 

in the city: buildings, symmetry, brickwork, lampposts. in the countryside: fields, crops, trees, the moon. 

my main source of inspiration: the sky, the light. changing with the seasons and my emotions. 


my photos and sketches are a starting point, but mostly the colour and light engraved in my mind guide me.

i have a preference for large formats, but i make smaller paintings too. i work with acrylics, oils, or both. 

enjoying a life in the Normandy countryside with my partner and two daughters, after years in the city, i get inspired during my daily walks and runs. whatever the weather. i breathe in nature. bliss. gratitude. 

i take pictures of what i see. paint what I feel.

about me

however passionate I was about drawing and painting as a girl, I started my career as an international lawyer. i made the trip back from head to heart in 2008, when I went backpacking in central america and then moved to Paris to learn the art of patisserie

picked up my paintbrushes after my mother passed away in 2010, and started showing my work in Montmartre. but becoming a mother and continuing my freelance work as translator, proof-reader, and presentation coach, left little time for painting. 

now a new chapter surrounded by fields and sky and calm in Normandy gives me all the space i need to do what i love most: feel the paint on the canvas. create colour. see the light.

i get inspired during my daily walks and runs. so much beauty                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                                   (all photos by emma pauline, no filters used, published on instagram @ciels_de_normandie)

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